REACTION Restoration actions to combat desertification in the northern Mediterranean
Time span: January 2003 - December 2005
Aim: REACTION aims at synthesising the more recent advances in the research on land restoration to mitigate desertification, together with the traditional knowledge on reforestation, and make it available to the National and Regional Action Plans to Combat Desertification in the Annex IV countries of the EU.
Description: The efficiency of restoration initiatives can be improved through the evaluation and transfer of technologies to fight desertification that are environmentally sound, economically viable, and socially acceptable. To approach the evaluation of restoration efforts in the northern Mediterranean from ecological, economic and socio-cultural perspectives, there is a need of incorporating recent advances on indicators and restoration methodologies, and of defining the fundamental information needed. REACTION aims are: (1) to establish a database on land restoration to fight desertification by inventorying well-documented restoration projects in the northern Mediterranean; (2) to exploit the research results produced in projects on restoration, specially those of the EC programmes, for selecting the most appropriate methodology to evaluate the results of restoration projects; (3) to provide restoration guidelines in the light of a critical analysis of old and innovative techniques; and (4) to facilitate access to high quality information to forest managers, policy-makers, and other stakeholders for the promotion of sustainable mitigation actions.
Countries: Partners in Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal and France