MWISED Modelling Within Storm Erosion Dynamics
Time span: April 1998 - June 2001
Aim: The objectives of the project are: (1) description of the within-storm dynamics of soil surface roughness, sealing, soil aggregates and infiltration; (2) prediction of rill and ephemeral gully generation and development during erosive storms; (3) production of a generator of synthetic erosive rainstorms able to give useful insight into the relevant within-storm intensity pattern; (4) development of a fully dynamic model taking into account points 1, 2 and 3; and (5) development of a pedo-algorithm package for users of item-4 model and other models.
Description: The provision of an effective procedure for simulating the within-storm changes in soil and flow conditions in the landscape will provide a sounder base than presently available for policies designed to target anti-erosion measures. The procedure will also permit different erosion control measures to be evaluated and compared. The association of the simulation procedure with a rainfall generator, able to characterize the relevant erosive characteristics of the rain will enable predictions to be made of likely changes in erosion behaviour in response to changes in climate (rainfall factors) and land use. The overall improved understanding of within-storm changes will contribute to better generic understanding of soil erosion processes and their simulation.
Countries: Data from Italy, Belgium and Spain; partners in Italy, Belgium, UK, Spain, Austria and the Netherlands.
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