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LUCC Land-Use and Land-Cover Change
Time span: October 1996 - October 2005
Aim: The project aims at improving the understanding of the land use and land cover change dynamics and their relationships with the global environmental change.
Description: The primary objectives of the LUCC international project are: (1) to obtain a better understanding of global land-use and land-cover driving forces; (2) to investigate and document temporal and geographical dynamics of land-use and land-cover; (3) to define the links between sustainability and various land uses; and (4) to understand the inter-relationship between LUCC, biogeochemistry and climate. The project has three focus areas: Land-use dynamics - comparative case study analysis; Land-cover dynamics - empirical observations and diagnostic models; and regional and global integrated models. Also, two integrating activities are included in the project: data and classification and scalar dynamics.
Countries: worldwide;
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