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ARIDnet Assessment, Research, and Integration of Desertification research network
Time span: 2004 - ?
Aim: The projects goal is to provide leadership for developing and testing a new synthetic paradigm for desertification.
Description: ARIDnet is research coordination network. The new synthetic paradigm for desertification, which is called the Dahlem Desertification Paradigm, is based on the simultaneous roles of the meteorological and ecological dimensions of desertification (the biophysical factors) and the human dimensions of desertification (the socio-economic factors). Activities include conducting workshops to debate the Dahlem Desertification Paradigm (DDP) - a product of the 2001 Dahlem Conference on desertification - for critical evaluation and refinement; formulating working groups to develop comparative case studies to test the DDP; conducting a quantitative synthesis of what matters in desertification, when and where it matters, and why; recruiting new researchers and stakeholders into ARIDnet so a broad-based and useful approach to desertification problems can be developed.
Countries: worldwide; partners in USA, Mexico, Honduras