Promoting gender equality Print
New land use management gives additional time and other possibilities for women and men. This is a self-evident process towards gender equality. For gender equality it is important to keep both men and women informed about monitoring systems, technological developments, health, education and funding opportunities.


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»Guadalentín, Spain
»Mação, Portugal
»Góis, Portugal
»Rendina, Italy
»Crete, Greece
»Nestos River Delta, Greece
»Karapinar, Turkey
»Eskisehir, Turkey
»Sehoul, Morocco

»Zeuss Koutine, Tunisia
»Dzhanibek, Russia
»Novy, Russia
»Yan River Delta, China
»Boteti, Botswana
»Cointzio, Mexico
»Secano Interior, Chile
»Ribeira Seca, Cape Verde