Images showing details of experimental, measuring and monitoring work Cointzio, Mexico under WP4.2.

Cointzio watershed

SIP cover Cienega

SIP cover Cortina

View of Cointzio watershed

Field experiment composite

Monitoring at different scales

Watershed results

Land use and practice composite

Land use and practice results

Composite views


Measured water levels

Runoff and erosion plot

Rio Grande watershed

La Cortina: monthly rainfall

La Cortina: study site location

La Cortina: view of plots

La Cortina: flume and tanks

La Cienega: study site location

La Cienega: Atecuaro caldera

La Cienega: gullies in the landscape

La Cienega: monthly rainfall

Rio Grande: site location

Rio Grande: topography of Atecuaro caldera

Rio Grande: landscape

Rio Grande: watershed

La Cortina: experimental design

La Cortina: H-flume and full tanks

La Cortina: weather station

La Cortina: land preparation by tractor

La Cortina: land preparation by oxen

La Cortina: plot with emerging corn

La Cortina: barley ready for harvest

La Cortina: plot with barley

La Cortina: plots with tensiometers

La Cienega: experimental setup

La Cienega: aerial view of site

La Cienega: plots, H-flume and tanks

La Cienega: fallow plots, H-flume and tanks

La Cienega: collector tanks for plots 1 and 2

La Cienega: collector tank after heavy rain event

La Cienega: tensiometers

La Cienega: disk infiltrometer

Rio Grande: limnigraph during normal flow

Rio Grande: limnigraph during high flow

Rio Grande: landscape during rainy season

Rio Grande: landscape during dry season

Rio Grande: 1 year old avocado plantation

Rio Grande: illegal felling

Rio Grande: forest, poorly managed

Rio Grande: illegal deforestation

Rio Grande: charcoal making
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