General photos of the Mexico study site, illustrating a number of aspects of desertification.

In situ Acrisols, Huertitas

Downpour, Huertitas

Maize, beans, pumpkin, El Pedregal

Wood cut for charcoal, Atecuaro

Gulley erosion under eucalyptus forest

Track created for removal timber felled illegally

Track created for removal of timber felled illegal

Tracked destroyed by removal of illegal timber

Carvaca, La Cienega

Barley and woodland, Cortina

Hill path, Huiramba, Potrerillos Tepetates

Indigestible cocktail

Water contamination by trout hatchery, La Cortina

Floodwater in woodland, La Cortina

Rio Grande in flood, La Cortina 1

Rio Grande in flood, La Cortina 2

Rio Grande in flood, La Cortina 3

Rio Grande in flood, La Cortina 4

Floodwater turns road into river, La Cortina

Illegally felled timber awaiting removal, Atecuaro

El Pedregal Don Mario

Weather station, La Cortina

Limnigraph, Herititas

Eroded landscape, Huertitas

Maize emerging from Andosol, La Cortina

Improved Brama, Pedregal

Agaves, Potrerillos

Gulley control, Potrerillos

Erosion control, Potrerillos

Control of water on road, Potrerillos

Cattle path, Potrerillos

Degraded eucalyptus forest, Potrerillos

Fields and corn plain, Potrerillos

I will survive, Potrerillos

Mixed forest and eroded agave, Potrerillos

Upper watershed, mixed forest and erosion, Potreri

Preparation for interviews, Huertitas

Presa Undameo seca

ZOPP Workshop, Morelia #1

ZOPP Workshop, Morelia #2

ZOPP Workshop poster, Morelia

ZOPP Workshop, Zinapecuaro

Cattle in woodland, Atecuaro


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