General photos of the Guadalentín basin, illustrating a number of aspects of desertification.

Tractor ploughing

Location of Guadalentín

Occurrence of gully erosion

Guadalentin drainage basin, Spain

Torrealvilla catchment, Spain

Rainfall characteristics

Potential evapotranspiration

Aridity index

CORINE 2000 land use map



Overview of study areas

Erosion assessments

RUSLE soil loss estimates

PESERA soil erosion assessments


Potential for bank erosion

Valdeinfierno reservoir #2

Potential for mass movements

Puentes reservoir

Levelled land

Young almonds

Almonds & steep slopes

Pig farm



Reforestation 1

Reforestation 2

Stone cover

Gully development

Bank protection

Upper Guadalentín

Check dam 1

Check dam 2

Levelled land 1

Sheep & lettuces

Sheep & cabbages

Irrigated agriculture

Abandoned land

Terraced almonds

Marginal & irrigated land

Levelled land 2

Map of Alagueces site

Salt water

Location of Guadalentin basin

Salt crust

Map of Torrealvilla within Guadalentin basin

Map of Torrealvilla site

Map of Transect A

Cereal fields 1

Cereals & shrublands

Map of Transect B
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