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Location of sites in Torrealvilla catchment

Meteorological station Los Alhagüeces

Field site A

Installing Gerlach plots

Green manure

Runoff and erosion plots

Reading out moisture data

Site A: soil moisture under different treatments

Collecting sediment

Harvesting almonds

Site A: harvest from different treatments

Field site B

SIP cover

Straw mulch under almonds

Installing soil moisture sensor

Boquera entrance with sensor

Site B: soil moisture at soil surface

Water entering through Boquera

Events of water inflow in the Boquera

Site B: soil moisture at 35 cm

Site B: harvest from different treatments

Field site C

Construction of runoff storage tanks

Runoff and erosion plots under cereal

Installing runoff and erosion plots under cereal

Disc plough

Local farmer

Newsletter for stakeholders

Water flow through the Acequla system



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