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Stakeholder groups

  • Region of Eastern Macedonia-Thrace, Department of Water Management, Ministry of the Environment, Physical Planning & Public Works, is a state organization which is related to surface and ground water use, applications and management, including relevant licences.
  • Prefecture of Xanthi, Administration for Land Reclamation, opines on land works and constructs as well in order to promote agricultural productivity.
  • Prefecture of Xanthi, Administration for Agriculture.
  • Topeiros Municipality, municipality located within the study site area.
  • Democritus University of Thrace, local University among leading in Greece. The School of Engineering is located in Xanthi. It consists of the Departments of Civil, Electrical, Environmental, Mechanical and Architectural Engineering, has wide research experience in hydrogeological, geotechnical and hydrochemical studies such as: Management of groundwater and surface water, seawater intrusion in coastal aquifers, management of groundwater recharge and soil degradation.
  • Traditional farmers.

Sustainability goals

The sustainability goals identified by expert estimate can be used as a starting point for the local community to develop their own visions and goals for alternation of the ominous ecological future.

Goal 1 Conservation of soils that provide high levels of productivity
Goal 2 Groundwater management in the broader area
Goal 3 Groundwater recharge in order to reverse seawater intrusion phenomenon
Goal 4 Application of suitable cultivations
Goal 5 Surface water management and transport
Goal 6 Conservation of current biological diversity
Goal 7 Remediation and conservation of saline soils
Goal 8 Improvement of local economy
Goal 9
Enforcement of groundwater management laws

Source: expert estimate, study site leader

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