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“Freshwater transport”: Evaluation of a local strategy for production increase under salinity conditions

Authors: Gkiougkis I., Pechtelidis A., Diamantis V., Dafnis I., Pliakas F.


The objectives of this study were to evaluate a traditional strategy for production increase in the east Nestos delta. For this reason two field sites, cultivated by the same farmer (similar management practices), were studied in detail. The aim of the field work was to quantify the effects of using surface freshwater compared to saline groundwater for land irrigation in the study site region.


Evolution of soil salinity during the study period Surface freshwater Saline groundwater


8 May 2009

17 June 2009
Freshwater yield
= 9.3 tn/ha
Groundwater yield
= 3.4 tn/ha
Mapping soil desertification from satellite image analysis


  • There is a considerable decrease (3 times lower) in total yield when groundwater is used for irrigation purposes.
  • Freshwater is beneficial for productivity increase and should be urgently transported in the broader eastern Nestos Delta area.


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