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Research results from DESIRE are particularly relevant to the efforts, planning and policies of countries in which the study sites are located to combat, mitigate and ameliorate the effects of desertification and land degradation.



Policy briefs were prepared for some of the study sites to publicise and increase the adoption the good practices that DESIRE research identified.


»Mação Control of wildfires using Primary Strips Network System for Fuel Management
»Karapinar Stubble farming to increase yield in wheat cropping in Central Anatolia
»Eskişehir Wooden fences protect against soil erosion
»Zeuss Koutine A win-win strategy for livestock farmers and the land
»Yan River Basin Three ways to reduce soil erosion
»Boteti Land users and public institutions switching to biogas
»Cointzio People, science and public politics - a winning alliance
»Secano Interior Fighting against soil erosion and improving the sustainability of Mediterranean rainfed agriculture
»Ribeira Seca The meeting between local and scientific knowledge to combat desertification


More details ... background information about the desertification drivers, policies and laws in the study sites
»Drivers and policy context