Dissemination strategy Print
The dissemination strategy for this study site identifies a number of different target audiences to whom information and results from the project can be addressed. The contents of messages, the format in which they are delivered and their expected impact vary from one audience to another.


1. Local stakeholders


Location Villages included in the Karapınar study site.
Message Basic outcomes of DESIRE monitoring activities in the study site. 
Product format Guides for farmers on implementing technologies.
Method of dissemination By hand.
Expected impact Some farmers will make use of them (for example) for soil management and erosion control. 



2. General public


Location Konya city.
Message New horizons brought by DESIRE project approach to remediation of land.  
Product format »Media publicity
Method of dissemination On TV and radios.
Expected impact Mass consciousness will increase about soil protection. 



3. Agricultural engineers, policy makers


Location General 
Message Sustainability of soil protection.
Product format »Policy brief
Method of dissemination By hand.
Expected impact Consciousness will increase among agriculture engineers and new knowledge sources will get out.