Implementing & monitoring field trials - related publications Print

These publications by DESIRE partners relate to the research work undertaken in "Implementing & monitoring field trials".

List correct as of 11 April 2013



  • Shruthi Rajesh, Victor Jetten, Norman Kerle, Abdellah Laouina Dhruba Shrestha. (submitted). Object-based gully feature extraction using high resolution imagery. Geomorphology
  • V.Jetten, D.Shrestha, G.Schwilch, DESIRE study sites (in prep) Testing soil and water conservation methods in 16 countries, do best practices exist? Environmental Management, DESIRE special issue
  • Rajesh B.V. Shruthi, Victor Jetten, Norman Kerle, Abdellah Laouina, Dhruba Pikha Shrestha (in prep) Gully dynamics and factors: A study using remote sensing and knowledge based analysis. Catena, DESIRE special issue
  • Jetten, V., Schwilch, G. , Hessel R, C.Kosmas, G. van Lynden (in prep) Desertification assessment, processes and mitigation ; lessons from the DESIRE project. Catena, DESIRE special issue