Regional effects of adopting water use reduction strategies Print

Modelling tools can be employed to study the dynamics and consequences of land use change under drivers of desertification, exemplified here with particular reference to unsustainable water use. The modelling makes use of land use change analysis, agent-based modelling and input-output analysis.


Scenario analysis to predict land use and land management decisions relies on the availability of a time series of aerial photographs and satellite images to construct land cover maps, as well as the implementation of a resource-intensive land user survey. To estimate the regional effects of land managers’ decisions on the regional economy requires the availability of detailed statistical information at the regional level; as a regional input-output table was not available for Murcia, we give some pointers as to how to create one.


The report is kept brief and primarily aims to point the interested reader to the PhD thesis of Doan Nainggolan where tools are explained in considerably more depth, as well as to a series of papers that have come out of this work.


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Additional model simulations - Guadalentín study site [1.15 MB]

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