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Contour tillage, wooden terraces with soil bunds

Author: Eskişehir Osmangazi University (ESOGU)


Since the area is situated in the mountainous northern part of the Eskisehir study site where slope gradients (% 10) and precipitation (400 mm/yr) are relatively high compared to elsewhere, our basic goal here will be decreasing water erosion. Due to the long-lasting nature of this problem, together with non-existence of any previous prevention initiative, soil profiles are thin, stoniness is high and organic matter content is low. Dry-farming fields in vicinity are exhibiting severe rill erosion which has been facilitated by further bad practices such as ploughing deep and parallel to the slope.


Two technologies have been implemented in the experimental area in the light of stakeholder workshop discussions:
  1. Contour tillage
  2. Wooden terraces with soil bunds



Experimental work completed
  • Soil sampling (20 samples)
  • Soil analysis (elemental, organic matter, pH, EC, texture)
  • Soil thickness
  • Soil stoniness
  • Installation of meteorology station
  • Construction of wooden terraces
  • Construction of 4 check dams on the gully
  • Ploughing and seeding



Future monitoring
  • Regular soil surface assessment
  • Crop characteristics
  • Mulch cover fraction
  • Erosion features
  • Repeated soil moisture, EC and temperature measurements
  • Empty sediment tank measurements
  • Agronomic measurements
  • Yield assessment


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