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Report of Stakeholder Workshop 1, held in Greece, Crete, Herakleion, Agia Varvara - November 26th, 2008. Authors: E. Vlachos, C. Karavitis, K. Kosmas, V. Fassouli



The workshop was facilitated by the Agricultural University of Athens and attended by 65 local stakeholders. The facilitators tried to build consensus among the stakeholders, asking them to express their ideas and opinions about the land degradation that occurs in the area; why they think it occurs and what they think should be done to remediate it. Using the Nominal Group Technique (in which a group discusses an issue, guided by a leader), a large number of areas of concern were raised.


Through a structured voting system, the stakeholders identified the following as the most important factors causing the degradation of their land.


  • (lack of) law and penalty enforcement
  • soil pollution
  • lack of briefing
  • sustainability - organic crops
  • infrastructure - creation of economic resources
  • diseases caused by po.lution
  • production costs


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