Manual for describing land degradation indicators Print

Compiled by: Agricultural University of Athens, January 2008


This manual contains a list of some 69 indicators of desertification grouped into four categories

  • physical and ecological (including climate, water, soil, vegetation, water runoff, fire)
  • economic (including agriculture, cultivation, husbandry, land management, land use, water use, tourism)
  • social
  • and institutional.

These indicators all relate to the processes of

  • water erosion,
  • tillage erosion,
  • wind erosion,
  • soil salinization,
  • water stress,
  • forest fires and
  • urbanization

that are encountered in the DESIRE study sites.


The manual also contains data recording sheets for use at the local and regional scale and extensive explanation notes for collecting indicator data in the field.


In-field training on indicator data collection being given by Costas Kosmas (Eskisehir, November 2008).


More details ... go to the DIS4ME website and read on-line or download the full report

The manual is based on extensive existing research, especially from the EU-funded DESERTLINKS project. Additional information about the definition of each indicator can be found on DESERTLINKS DIS4ME website.

(You will need to enter user name: "desertlinks", password: "dis4me" to access the page.)

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